Авторский надзор - полезная услуга в дизайне интерьера

Авторский надзор — полезная услуга в дизайне интерьера

Project development

The project should be as specific as possible. There should be no allowances at all. The designer must develop a visualization of the room, and everything that he depicted there must be in the stores of your city.

Of course, if it is not agreed in advance that furniture or individual elements of the interior will be developed on an individual order.

Author's supervision - a useful service in interior design

Speaking of visualization. Usually we are talking about the image on paper, but the 3D model is paid individually. If the designer’s services already include the creation of 3D visualization, then its cost must be taken into account.

Some design studios in the project may not have certain items and various trifles — this is normal, all this is chosen already in the course of bringing the project to life. Others, on the contrary, work out everything to the last detail and the designer ’s supervision service falls on their shoulders so that the interior looks exactly like in the picture.

The designer indicates the cost of all materials, while the customer may have the opportunity to try to find analogues on their own. By the way, this is quite an important point, since the designer may have an agreement with his partners, where goods are sold at a significant discount.

About copyright supervision

Typically, architectural supervision in interior design is included in the turnkey service. It implies a weekly (or other agreed period) quality control of the project.

If initially you ordered only the development of an interior design project, then you will have to pay extra for architectural supervision separately.

Author's supervision - photo 2

In general, this service is extremely useful, since even in the case of a perfectly designed project, changes may need to be made. At least at the request of the customer or for other reasons that do not always depend on the designer. But he will have the opportunity to control all these changes, which will not affect the final result.

In addition, the designer works directly with the builders, answering all their questions and controls the quality of the work. If you have the financial ability, then you should definitely use this option.

Additional Responsibilities

Это может быть составление сметы, ведение документации, получение разрешений (зачастую это необходимо при перепланировке помещения), контроль за сроками, покупка материалов и мебели. То есть, вы можете просто оставить ему ключи от квартиры или дома и дизайнер сделает все сам.

Вам останется лишь принять работу. Да, за это нужно платить, но зато это очень удобно.

Author's supervision - photo 3

Любопытно, что многие дизайнеры сами предпочитают работать с полным контролем над выполнением проекта. Дело тут не только в финансовой заинтересованности, а еще и в том, что он действительно может получить результат, который будет не стыдно показать в портфолио. Ведь если у дизайнера заказывают только разработку проекта, а реализовывают его самостоятельно, то конечный результат очень часто расходится с планом.

If a designer is an excellent specialist, then he understands everything related to his activities. Up to the point that he can explain what is the advantage of this or that building material and why it is worth buying it.

But a designer should be hired for exactly this — to save yourself from the headache associated with the repair, and not just to create an original interior design project.

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